If you asked me about my greatest talent, I’d tell you about my ability to hear the word “no” and brush it off. It’s resilience! Like a muscle within the body, it can be trained and grow strong. I’ve had plenty of reps throughout my years:

  1. I wanted my Mom to pay for a parking spot at the high school I went to. She said “hell no”
  2. All five colleges I applied to said “no”
  3. I didn’t get a text back from a chick I met last weekend (HAHA! That’s kind of a “no” right?). Totally innocent too! I’ve got nothing to hide.  How do you think our correspondence is going?

Some context:

I was showing some friends who were visiting the island around and we ended up downtown. While in a lounge, I locked eyes a woman hanging off the bar not drinking.  I liked her heels so I decided to go let her know. The conversation was alright, just light back and forth. We were both DDs looking after our friends who were drinking and dancing. Her friend ended up getting pretty drunk. While trying to reel her in so they could leave, they ended up in small verbal confrontation. There was also some dude who ended up being tied in too.  Before all that though we exchanged numbers. She liked to work-out and I’m in the gym myself. She’s a masseuse by day and I do my best get a massage a least once a month! Innocent right? Why not?

My identity isn’t damaged with this chick deciding not to reply. She might of been putting up a front for her own safety, people do that. I don’t remember asking but she could be married. Maybe she was arrested after we split ways.. Who knows!

It’s silly for us to put our “worth” in the hands of complete strangers. I would go as far as to say friends and family are included. Like my finances, I’m the only one with the pin code to my self-worth. What I do take from repeated dismissal?  Experience. Understanding that I can’t please everyone. Work ethic which continues to pay dividends ($$$).

I’m focused on the bigger picture friends. We should be unrelenting to try things that challenge us and give our best effort. Repeatedly knocking on doors guarantees a few of them are bound to open according to the “Law of Averages.”  Rejection doesn’t define us but IS necessary for growth.


Forevermore the face rejection and failure I default to confidence.



Kinetic or Not