Racism / What do you expect


It’s alive and well in America.  We’ve come a long way with legislation but the real battle continues between the ears of citizens. It’s been just over 50 years since Jim Crow laws were abolished here in the States.

Recently H&M, a Swedish clothing line came out with an ad featuring an African American boy wearing a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie.  Could it be ignorance that the company was unaware of the negative connotations between the word monkey and a person of color?

coolest monkey

Where were the kid’s guardians?

Was the check worth it?

My jeans are from Levis and I’ve got some shirts from Express and Zara that I like and fit me pretty well. If any of these brands came out with a racially charged statement tomorrow, I wouldn’t think twice to discontinue my spending at their establishments. Some people “need” every pair of Nike Air Maxes.  I pledge zero loyalty to any brand outside of my own.

What do you Expect in 2018?

Nothing from anyone!!

Well… Maybe from my mom.  She is the only one that could really get into my head if she wanted.  My love, respect and admiration for her drives me in doing things I wouldn’t otherwise (college being one which comes to mind!).  Her power over me naturally stems from her years of excellence as my primary caregiver.  I should be thankful she doesn’t flex it more than she does!

Think about the influences in your life. How many have control over you?  How many have you given “the remote” to your mind?  Many strangely give this power to brands, random people on social media and other complete strangers.

We do have some great people in the world though am I right (shout out to the awesome moms out there!)? I’ve got family, mentors and friends I look to for their example who expect nothing in return. I’m doing my best to be a great friend and mentor to those who see me as such.  I believe in karma.  Goodness comes full circle and blesses us in ways we may not have thought possible.


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